Urgent Aquatic Emergency

I need this pool’s vitals and maintenance records stat!

Your car is manufactured on an assembly line.
Your pool is created like the Frankenstein monster.

I predict big changes in the way we do business.
TeleMedicine is a thing now.
TelePoolTech™ will be too.
Your pool’s specific info will be in a database, your complaint will be in-put and artificial intelligence diagnostics will give options.
The right technician, with the right parts, will be sent for service.

Back to the Future

The components on your swimming pool are unique to you.
Pumps, filters and other accessories were selected by the builder.
There is not an owner’s manual for your swimming pool.
You should build one though.
In the future not having this will impact your downtime.

Every component on your pool has technical information.
The light, ladder, pump, heater, all of it.
Your pool could be the only one in the world with your exact combination of components.

Why do this?
Time is money. When your pool is down, before it’s repaired, someone will be getting this info. tic-tic-tic
Record for Insurance. Photographs and technical data are imperative for a fair settlement.

How to do it and where to put it

The components that really matter all have manufacturer names on them.
Most of those have a placard that displays model, serial and other information.
Take pics of your equipment and the placards.

Then go to each manufacturer’s website and find the technical data for your component.
Download or copy the user manuals and parts breakdown.

As a technician having access to this information beforehand would be excellent.

Where to put it?

Easy access is best if you want it for help.
I choose Facebook™, you may upload all of it there.
Data files and photographs.
You may decide who can see it there.
Your friends, pool tech, or insurance.