TelePoolTech Test

TelePoolTech is a live video help service for pool owners.

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Your live feed sent to all you social platforms at once, plus your blog, or only your blog.
Multiple guests live with just a link. No apps!
You need this.

My test video is not smooth or glamorous.
Being a pool man wasn’t either.
I’m set up here in my maintenance control cubical for go not show.
I’m ready to look for parts or technical information while live.
Two computers, one to manage the live feed and one to find reference material if needed.

If you’re a swimming pool owner and want to help me test out this idea get on my Facebook, like and message me.
Tell me your swimming pool problem and when you would like to go live.
You will be sent the link in a private message.
No apps to install just click a link and open it in your Chrome or Safari browser.
Type in a user name then enter the studio.
Then we’ll be live on the SplashBits FB page.