Great Idea. Do I want a pool?

This changes everything.
From blah to brilliant.
Perfect for those grand kids when they visit.

example of wood covered portable pool
Image from found on Pinterest
Many thanks for the use.

The best pool to own is not just the best one you can afford but it should fit your backyard space. It should fit your life too and not change it for the worse. This entire set-up should be under $1,000, well maintained it could last for years.

This set up is a good answer for a lot of questions.
The big question is, do I really want a pool?

Swimming pools almost never enhance the value of property. Worse than that those pools that are in need of anything will cause a serious drop in that property value.

Why do you want a swimming pool?
Try this out this kind of set-up first then answer. You may not be pool owner material. Swimming pools can turn into an expensive mess real fast. They take time for maintenance, and the larger they are the more it costs. Learning what not to do with 3,000 gallons costs less than 30,000 gallons.
Breaking or otherwise damaging your portable pool is way better than your brand new $40,000 pool.

What might you learn?

  • Pool placement
    This will allow you to really check out a few things. Like, who can see what from here? Yeah, and who’s interested from over there? Positioning for privacy, shade and sun.
  • Equipment mechanics and operation
    How the water flows to and from the pool. How to clean your filter and pump. How to vacuum.
  • Water chemistry
    pH, alkalinity, hardness, disinfectant. They all matter, the bigger the pool the more proper balance becomes a concern.
  • Required regular maintenance
    This is where your new knowledge of equipment and pool water chemistry go to work.

I’ve been paid summer after summer to service the same pools every week that nobody ever took a swim in. They say a pool is a pit to throw money in. Skip maintenance or do it wrong and the costs in the long run only get worse. That’s why I get paid to keep unused swim pools in good running condition.

For some pool owners life is like the guy explains on the “time share” commercial. You never know how much it’s going to cost or when it’s going to end.

Mister B.