WARNING – Never mix Pool Chemicals

Seriously folks

My glorious three weeks of basic swimming pool training was eventful.
My boss, my supervisor, my mentor, I learned a lot from this swimming pool career professional.
Our first stop on my first day was the Stop & Go convenience store.
It was about 9 am.

We’ll call him Kenny, Kenny turned to me and said “today is my birthday and I’m getting a beer you want one?”
It was his birthday.
No I’ll pass on the beer.
Then Kenny says “don’t look at me like that I’ve been checking up on you and this ain’t nuttin”.
I was in the Navy… shut-up.
Oh and I got an award for NOT getting caught.

Never mix chemicals and pool men.

People are so funny.
Kenny had all the quality’s that brought never ending drama.
He was a charismatic handsome brown eyed man.
That was a distraction for him and everyone else.
Automatic pass for every dumb thing he did.

Today’s class is on the job what not to do.

Did you know?

Ridin’ with the boss man

The boss’s truck was short on pool tools and long on beer cans.
Today he seems to have misplaced his chemical scoop.
No worry.
I was poolside vacuuming, we were doing teamwork ya know.
He was adding chemicals.
He had just added a quart of 60% algaecide directly to the pool.
Now for two pounds of shock in the form of 62% calcium hypochlorite.

He decided to cut the top off the algaecide bottle to make a scoop.
Good idea.
He did not rinse the chemical from the bottle after adding it to the pool.
Bad idea.
I didn’t know about any of this. Not what he was doing or that it could be a problem.
As he entered the back yard he was tossing the bottle from hand to hand while trotting to the pool.
(an amusing sight, I’m grinnin’ now)
It was clearly hot, his actions as well as the now apparent smoke proved it.
The moment he was close enough to toss it into the pool it burst into flames.
He said he felt the heat immediately, the whole episode took only about 30 seconds.

Crisis averted!
The pool got shocked, extra crispy.

Chlorine and algaecide are made to kill microscopic life.
When misused they become deadly to you in multiple ways.
The obvious risk of fire in this case.
Just as bad is the unseen deadly gas produced.
Just don’t do it.

I did my part to help Kenny out.
I explained if he would take a small cooler and a little ice and beer from his fridge in the mornings he wouldn’t be standing in that public line.

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“None could possibly know how grateful I am there were no cameras during my years of swimming pool work.”

Mister B.