Lush Green Beauty

It’s really kind of cruel.
The swimming pool wants to be luscious and green like the rest of the backyard. Naturally.

Sometimes pool owners do things to make the swimming pool want to be green even more.
Algae is plant life.
Any fertilizer used in the yard could enter the pool.
Too much of this and it will ruin your pool water.
It can come from your contractors spreader, run off from your yard during rain or over watering, you or your neighbor spraying or broadcasting, it’s blowin in the wind.
Rinse your swimming pool deck before pool use.
The leaf blower won’t remove fine dust, algae spores or fertilizer.
Damp feet track everything on the deck back into the pool.

Cross contamination with algae can be the worst.
Algae will just come with the rain on it’s own.
That is generally easy to manage.
Ponds, oceans, and lakes pose a wide range of bad possibilities.
Dipping leaves from your pond with your pool net is a bad thing.
Bathing suits that have been to the ocean or lake may need to be tossed out.
Washing, even in bleach, may not remove what you brought home.
Dive or swim gear and toys never go back to swimming pool use after the ocean or lake.
In recent news we have learned that flesh eating bacteria can be transferred to a swimming pool by these items.
(Found in oceans and lakes.)

Preventive maintenance is better faster and cheaper than trying to fix it.
A regular dose of 60% algaecide along with your regular disinfectant should control most naturally occurring spores.
The things that come from those other places could take specialty algaecides to treat them.

Just sayin

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Never speak ill of the poolman before you, for it may have been you.

Mister B.