TelePoolTech Live

Talk to a Swimming Pool Technician Live.

Remote Technical Assistance for Swimming Pool Owners.
Ask a Swimming Pool Pro Live.

Maintenance Control

I need help with my pool!
Is there live online help for my pool?
What’s wrong with my pool?

My pool is… you name it.
TelePoolTech is for motivated pool owners.
It’s a by appointment online service call.
This service is currently free of charge.
During our testing phase.

Our history is as a service company.
We resolve problems.
When we accept you as a client it’s to see the job through.
Just like if we were really there.
Years of experience doesn’t mean we know everything.
We’ll research what we don’t know.
We’ll talk to the technical reps if needed.
Then virtually revisit you and your swimming pool.
TelePoolTech can’t fix your pool for you.
We’re a second, behind you, or even a third opinion.

Getting started

We’ll need to know your swimming pools vital signs.
Free chlorine
Total chlorine
Filter pressure

We’ll also need your pool records.

Take pics of your pool from all angles, inside skimmers, ladders all of it.
Take pics of all equipment, individual of each component.
Deck area and pump area.
Photograph manufacturers labels and any detail placards.
Go to the manufacturers website and download the owners manuals and parts breakdown for each component.
Placards will show model and other identification.
Then put all that in one place, like a Facebook page, or a free Blogger page.
This provides a quick way for you to direct any service person to important technical details.
Details unique to your swimming pool.
It provides us a quick way to get an opinion from a tech rep.

It’s a perfect record for a fair insurance claim if the future calls for that.
That alone should be enough reason to do all this.

The free version.
Your story will be shared on our social media and website.
Including any video, or pics.
We retain all rights.
That’s how we plan to pay for all this.
At this time we are only using the Facebook social platform.

When we go live if you wish to be seen in the video get someone to follow you with the camera/phone.
If you do not wish to be seen use a pointer.

Follow us on Facebook then book your appointment on Facebook.
Once you have your pool records ready, post your problem or question to that page.
That will get us started.
We’ll review that and try to help.

The paid version.
Sometimes there are high profile people who require absolute privacy.
Maybe you think you need help and don’t want the pool guy to know you’re asking for another opinion.

In this case we save nothing and publish nothing.

Contact us privately.