Through the magic of advanced proprietary technology.

SplashBits Presents TelePoolTech™

The Clear, the Cloudy, and the Swamp.

What’s the best kind of swimming pool to own?
The one you can afford to buy and maintain.
That’s the best one for you.

Goin’ Live Poolside.

Swimming pool operational instruction is my strong point.
I ran my own service company.
Pool school is a thing.
Most of my clients in training were new owners via purchase of a home with an existing pool.
Now I can help you.

telepooltech logo

Remote Technical Assistance for Swimming Pool & Spa Owners.

Before going live with your questions.
Everyone should be familiar with the equipment in use.
Read this post Urgent Aquatic Emergency.

If you want to share your concerns about your swimming pool maybe I can help.

I am looking at a live streaming service that allows simple connection to your cell phone via a web link.
Once live, you will be able to take us on a tour of your pool.
It will be broadcast on YouTube or Facebook.

Guests don’t need to download an app, StreamYard™ works in your mobile browser.
For Android, we recommend the Chrome browser. For iOS, only Safari will work.
iOS version 12.2+

I hope to learn as well as help.
I’m counting on our viewers to assist in trouble shooting the problems presented.

More details and launch soon.
What are your thoughts?
If you had a swimming pool problem would you stream it to get an answer?

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