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Do I need a swimming pool inspection?
Yes, you do.

Pool inspections are not too complicated.
You need a professional one anyway.
The fact is things are either working and functional or they’re not.
Your pump may look awful and be a little loud and still pass inspection.

The equipment works right now or it does not.
Things are broken or not.
The pool holds water or it does not.
That’s it, no more, no less.

You’re not buying any warranty or guarantees from your pool inspector.
Cosmetic issues are not part of an inspection.

You should consider buying a home warranty with an inclusion for your swimming pool equipment.

Learning to do your own basic inspection prior to contracting for a home or calling an inspector could save you some time and money.

You’ll find a list of things that should be checked here.

Need help? Live swimming pool assistance.

Information on this website is not a substitute for hiring a recognized pool inspector for onsite inspection of your swimming pool.