What Shocking Does
Shocking burns out wastes and transforms the chloramines to free available chlorine. Shocking uses oxidation to restore the pool water to a sparkling, sanitary and comfortable condition. Normal chlorine levels are unable to accomplish this.

Why is Shocking Necessary?
Wastes enter the pool through wind, rain and people. Many of these wastes are not filterable and combine with the chlorine to form “chloramines, a chlorine nitrogen complex. Chloramines cause eye irritation and reduce the amount of “free” chlorine available to provide sanitation. A build-up of wastes (in the form of chloramines) also causes the water to become cloudy or have a dull appearance.

How and When to Shock
Shocking should be done every 7-10 days. Heavy pool use and warm water temperatures will further increase the need to shock. The addition of 1# of a concentrated shocking agent for each 10,000 gallons of pool water is usually sufficient. The most effective shocking compounds are as follows:
Granular Calcium Hypochlorite – Chlorine based Shock – available in 1# packets and larger bulk containers
O2 Safe Shock Non-Chlorine Oxidizing Shock, non chlorine oxidizer is a preferable form of Shock. It is a concentrated oxidizer that is quickly soluble and does not contain chlorine. Swimmers can enter the water within a few minutes of its application.

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