Vinyl Liner Care

Water behind Vinyl Liner
Water behind the liner can be hard to cure.
Often it’s a one time thing, for some it’s a chronic problem.
If you have wrinkles it was water.
How did my liner get wrinkles?

Vinyl Liner out of track
It was probably water behind your liner that caused this.

Most liner issues will require someone with real experience.
There are no one size fits all answers here.

Vinyl Liner Patching

First you have to find the hole.
So put your goggles on and look for the hole.
Pick up a dye test syringe, liner patch material, and glue.
Now look at your liner real close all over, if you see something that looks like a hole, squirt some dye on it.
If it goes in, you have a hole…
Cut and apply the patches.
Cut your patches a little larger than the holes.
As hole sizes increase so must the oversize of your patch.
After cutting your patch apply the adhesive, a good coating leaving no part uncovered, you must move quickly after this point.
Fold the patch in half loosely, and dive back to the hole and apply.
Gently working from the center, set the patch by light pressure out to the edges, do not lift your finger before you slide completely off of the patch.

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