Swimming Pool Water Loss – Structure

Swimming Pool Structural Water Loss

You’ll need your goggles.
Look for cracks or holes everywhere.
Around all fittings, tile, skimmers and light.
When you find a suspected area squirt a little food coloring to test.
It should draw the dye in the crack or hole if leaking.
(pool should be turned off and water as still as possible.)

A large opening that has a smaller hole deeper in the crack will not draw the dye.

Should you find a suspect area You have some choices to make.

On Your gunite, concrete, plastered or painted pool or your fiberglass pool, repairs are best left the the experts.
If you choose to do a little patch work on smaller areas it should work out.
I use a product called Pool Putty™, a two part epoxy that will cure underwater.
Mix and apply the material and smooth the edges out, and that’s that.

Sometime it’s the light niche.

About the light niche, it looks like a bowl turned on it’s side.
It’s the small void that houses your light fixture to allow your pool light to be flush to the wall.
Somewhere in that niche is a connection for some conduit, through this conduit pipe runs your light wiring.
Often this conduit pipe will come apart, break or separate from the niche.
This is difficult to patch, I have used various methods to patch a leaking conduit connection.
I have used a non drying putty, a two part epoxy that dries to hard as concrete and a simple plug with the light cord pulled through the center, then pushed and wedged in place.
And of course there’s dig it up and fix it right.

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