Algae are microscopic plant life that are introduced into pools by rain, wind and leaves. When allowed to multiply, algae consume chlorine and become unsightly. Algae often appear as a slimy green mass or as green, cloudy water. Algae can grow quite rapidly, sometimes appearing overnight. Warm water dramatically enhances the growth of algae.
Preventing Algae Growth. The best approach to algae is a prevention program. Use of a 60% algaecide concentrate on a weekly basis is simple and economical. Two ounces of a 60% algaecide concentrate per 10,000 gallons will help prevent algae growth. Once algae is established, large doses of more than one chemical is often necessary to eliminate this stubborn plant-life.

Eliminating Existing Algae. There are different types of algae. The most common types have their own distinctive color and features. Each requires a different treatment.

Green and Brown Algae appears as green/brown slime or green/brown water. Brush and treat with chlorine shock of 1 to 2# per 10,000 gallons and 8 oz of a 60% algaecide per 10,000 gallons.

Mustard Algae has the color of yellow mustard to light green, is easily brushed but, returns to pool in hours. Mustard algae is resistant to chlorine treatments and requires special treatment.

Black Algae develops as dark black spots on the pool’s surface. It has a protective coating that makes it resistant to most chemical treatments. Must be aggressively brushed, then treated with special chemicals.

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