Water Testing

Appearance is not a reliable gauge of the condition of your pool water. A good test kit must be used regularly to insure clear and sanitary water. Test your chlorine and pH levels at least twice weekly. Bring a water sample to your local pool stores lab for a complete analysis every 4 – 6 weeks.

Take Your Water in For a Complete Analysis

There are other factors in pool water that can be just as important as the pH and chlorine readings. Don’t worry, you don’t have to become a chemist. Most pool store labs can make all the necessary tests for you and it’s a service that’s usually free to customers. Take in a pint or more of pool water in a clean container every 4-6 weeks for a complete analysis.

Important Factors Checked

A precision analysis will be made of the following factors: pH – an accurate reading of this critical factor. Total Alkalinity – key to overall balance and pH stability. Total Chlorine – all chlorine in the water including “chloramines.” Free Chlorine – the level of chlorine that is most “active.” Stabilizer – the level of stabilizer (CYA) that helps “save” chlorine from destruction by sunlight. Calcium Hardness – a factor that effects scaling and staining. Copper & Iron – metals that cause colored water and staining. Total Dissolved Solids – a build up of materials that reduce chlorine effectiveness. Nitrates – wastes that are not filterable or eliminated by shocking.

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