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Region Matters

What works here won’t work there.
Nothing in swimming pool maintenance is really ever one size fits all.
Especially pool opening or closing.
Learn the best practices for your area. Visit your local pool store or hire a local pool service to train you or do the job for you.

Winter Swimming Pool Cover

Spring Start-Up

Spring start-up and Fall closing is where many pool owners make mistakes. Special procedures are necessary to keep maintenance simple and to avoid costly future problems. Below are a few key points to remember about opening and closing. However, we strongly suggest you consult an experienced service co. for specifics on how to best open and close your pool.
Spring Start-up If the pool was properly covered and winterized, your task is to remove the cover and start up the pump system. Be careful not to allow any debris from the cover into the pool. Remember to remove all devices added for winterization and replace all baskets and plugs. Most important, bring a sample of water into your local pool store for analysis. Save money and time . . . start off the season with your water properly adjusted and balanced.

Fall Closing Many pool owners prefer to cover & winterize their pool. Since every pool is different, this is a job best handled by your professional service co. If you choose to do it yourself, give attention to these important procedures.
Adjust the pH to 7.4-7.6. Pool should be thoroughly cleaned before closing. Backwash or clean your filter. Add 2# per 10,000 gallons of chlorine shock. Add 1# per 10,000 gallons of a non-chlorine oxidizer shock. Add 1 qt. 60% Algaecide Concentrate.
Allow chemicals to recirculate, then turn off system. Drain water from pump, filter, heater and other equipment. Install freeze protection (Gizzmo™) in skimmer(s). Install cover and secure. Depending on where you live,lines may need draining as well.

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