Pump and Filtration System

Pump & Filtration System

The pool’s circulation system is designed to filter the entire contents of the pool at least every 12 hours.
The pump draws water from the skimmer(s) and main drain. The water circulates through the filter, removing fine particles and dirt. Filtered water may also pass through a heater or chlorinator, then return to the pool through the return inlet.
As the filter becomes saturated with dirt, pressure increases on the pressure gauge and the return flow of water to the pool decreases. The filter must now be cleansed. Sand filters are cleansed through the “backwash” cycle.
The backwash cycle reverses the flow of water through the filter and flushes the entrapped dirt to the sewer. Backwash normally takes 2-4 minutes. When positioning your filter valve to “backwash,” be sure to turn off the pump.
When to backwash should be determined by the pressure, not time. Backwash when the pressure gauge increases 5-10# over its “clean” pressure (Generally every 5-10 days). Backwash too frequently will waste chemicals and water and will NOT improve filtration.

Pool Filter Flow

Enhance Your Filtration.
Filtration can be dramatically enhanced by adding Clarifier to the water. This special agent speeds the clearing of cloudy water and gives an extra sparkle to dull water.
Clarifier is a safe, inexpensive way to improve your filter’s performance and deliver the clearest possible water.

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