Pool Owner Therapy

I have personally helped hundreds of swimming pool owners.
Providing weekly sessions poolside.
In time I turned their skeptic anxiety into satisfying confidence.

I saved them a ton of money on pool care too.
Almost enough to cover their much needed POT.
Pool Owner Therapy is a good value.

Weekly pool maintenance should be a time for quiet reflection and peace.

A series of repetitive fluid moves flowing in a natural sway.
I call it Pool Sway it’s like feng shui but different.
Imagine a satisfying POT session followed by an afternoon of relaxing Pool Sway.

Your road to recovery begins with following and sharing this page.
I can’t help you if you’re not here.
That bad MoJo won’t fix itself.

Video consultation therapy available.
If you have to ask you can’t afford it.
Not covered by insurance.

Relax it’s just a swimming pool.

Mister B.