Swimming Pool Pumps

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Hayward Super Pump

Most pool pumps are very much the same.

They move the pool water while straining out some debris.
This is the Hayward Super Pump.
My all time favorite pump.

For more detail click the image.
Swimming pool pump parts breakdown.

The pump shown is a basic single speed pool pump.
More specifications can be found at Hayward-pool.com
This pump could be used for circulation, filtration, or as a water feature such as a fountain.

As a pool serviceman I used one as a portable pool cleaning pump.
From remodel clean-up to the occasional broken glass in the pool.
That kind of work will sometimes cause the impeller #10 to become clogged, no worry though.
Four bolts #15 out and then it’s easy to clean.
I’ve installed these and had no trouble for five years or more.
The basket #5 is easy to empty, the pump lid #3 is easy to remove and reinstall.

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