Pool Motors

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Replacement swimming pool motors

Motor size — This is the main factor to consider when purchasing a new or replacement pool motor.
Most common are 1, 1.5 and 2 HP (horsepower) pumps. The size you need depends on your filter size and plumbing size.
A pump and motor should turn over the entire swimming pool volume in less than eight hours.

Motor SpeedPool pump motors come in three basic types: single speed, two speed and variable speed.
Single speed motors are the most common and least expensive.
Dual speed (or 2-speed motors) can run at both high 3450 rpm and low 1725 rpm speeds.
Running them at high speed only when needed, will make the pumps their most efficient.
Variable speed pumps are the quietest and most efficient.
Digitally controlled, these pumps do cost more, but have the lowest operating cost.

Motor Voltage — Motors typically run on either 110v or 220v power.
Most above ground pool pumps require 110v, most in-ground pool pumps are 220 volts.
You need to determine the voltage you have available to run your pump.