Diatomaceous Earth

What the heck is that?

Swimming pool filter media is only one use for this long expired diatom.

Image By Dawid Siodłak

In the swimming pool industry D.E filters have been a thing for quite some time.
The image above is a microscopic view of those diatoms.
They are small porous bits of organic material used to coat D.E. filter grids.

D.E. Filter Grid

D.E. powder is added to the filter thru the skimmer.
The D.E. powder then is trapped as a coating on these grids.
The filter grids are a plastic frame with a very fine material, kind of like cheesecloth, applied to the outside.
The grids are placed in a split filter tank, the water pressure pushes the water thru to the center of the grids and back to the pool.
It is an excellent filtration system.

So, what is Diatomaceous Earth?
The simple story is diatoms are million year old algae once buried in the earth.
Their rough texture traps small debris on the material stretched over the filter grids frame.
Their shape allows for a lot of surface area to trap that debris.

I’ve been educated while preparing to write about Diatomaceous Earth.
I’ve used D.E. filters for over thirty years, you don’t know what you don’t know.
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Twenty years ago eating D.E. powder was not a thing.
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