Avoid Buyers Remorse

Over the years I’ve dealt with too many new pool owners who were in over their heads.
Most of those were people who purchased a home with an existing swimming pool.
Mark Wolfe at BobVila.com has a deep dive into many of the things that should be considered if you plan to install a new pool.

What’s better than relaxing at the pool on a hot summer day? Relaxing in your own pool, of course! It’s tough to beat the convenience of having your own oasis just outside the door; not to mention the privacy. Plus, your own pool is always open, and everyone loves a pool party! Owning a pool is awesome, and getting a pool might be easier than you think.

Mark Wolfe

That is the goal.

I’ve instructed hundreds of swimming pool owners.
Before “swimming pool care class” began I would ask a few questions.
1. Do you cook? Using recipes?
2. Do you cut your own grass?
3. Do you change your own oil or change your own light switches?
Number 3, if you don’t do this you should not attempt repairs on your pool.
Number 2, if you do this you might be good at weekly service on your pool.
Number 1, if the answer is sometimes or always you might be good a water chemistry.
Pool owners are smart, often they don’t have time.
Swimming pools are unforgiving.
You must be on time for maintenance.
Proper water chemistry is about prevention, not catching up.
You want to spin out of town for two weeks?
You’ll need a pool sitter too.


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