What’s the best type of inground swimming pool to own?

Pam in Atlanta Ga had this important question.
The one you can afford to buy and maintain.

With correct construction and proper maintenance they all will last for years.
There are three basic types.
Gunite / Plaster
Vinyl Liner

Your new pool needs to fit the location.
If the neighbors have high end custom gunite pools you should too.
The tax man won’t see the difference, the prospective buyer will.
You will diminish the relative value of your home.

Once installed all of the swimming pool types listed will have similar maintenance needs.
Over time cosmetic changes will occur. The swimming pool finish will stain or fade.
With the right care these changes can take a very long time.
With poor care they can happen overnight.

The fiberglass is the least able to take water chemistry errors it is also the most difficult to refinish.
Generally a vinyl liner replacement and a few new face plates will make a liner pool look new quickly.
Fresh plaster and perhaps new tile always make gunite pools look new.
These pools generally come with a 20 to 30 year warranty.
The finish is not covered, not for operator errors.

Your new pool will require attention.
It is not forgiving.
The path to wrecking your swimming pool finish will be the first time you must add harsh chemicals in high volumes. The first time you don’t tend to the basics your pool will show why you should.

Hire a pool service or take a pool care class.
You wouldn’t “learn the hard way” on your car.

Thank you for that question Pam!
Tell them we said hey in Atlanta Ga


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