Air in swimming pool system

Bob in St. Louis had a question.
Bob was getting air back to his pool. It wasn’t all the time.
Sometimes one big burst of air, other times small amounts.

Most of the time it ran normally with no air.
Bob had a skimmer weir that was sticking.
The weir is the little door inside the skimmer.

The inside of the skimmer was dirty and gummy.
Small debris was sticking to the skimmer walls and stopping the weir from moving.
After a good cleaning it was working great again.

Skimmers are awesome!
It’s the atmospheric pressure that makes them work so well.
The natural air pressure causes surface tension, keeping light debris from falling right away.
It’s like the skimmer is pulling an invisible sheet of water.

Good Luck, Bob!
Somewhere in St. Louis Missouri!


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