Learn to Love Your Hot-Tub

February 2020 Part 6

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What Not To Put In Your Hot-Tub

The only thing that you put in your hot-tub that stays clean and nice and then leaves all by itself is your water. Everything else sticks around.

  • You – if you’re nasty
  • Body Oils & Lotions
  • Scents & Fragrances
  • Laundry Soap
  • Organic Matter

The steam leaving your Hot Tub should be pure water vapor.
If your water chemistry is a disaster maybe not.

My opinions are based on caring for my own spa/hot-tub and those of my clients. I like prevention and keeping it simple.

Body waste, sweat and other things are not good for bathers.
Read more here about water and the way it reacts to your by-products.

Everything listed above will interfere with your water chemistry in some way.

You should be clean, shower fresh clean before entering the hot tub.
No lotions or oils.
Scents are for your nose not your water.
Bathing suits are for swimming
Laundry soap never completely rinses out of them.
Shower shoes or a shallow tub to rinse your feet.

  • We still have water chemistry coming.

Routinely satisfy your hot tub’s needs and you will be rewarded. ♥

This is the sixth part of our month long series on hot tub care.

One thought on “Learn to Love Your Hot-Tub

  1. digitalmechanic40 February 11, 2020 / 7:52 am

    Basically all “foam” in hot tubs is “bathing load” …all those oils, lotions, and hairsprays. Agree, take a shower before jumping in a hot tub or pool!


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