Learn to Love Your Hot-Tub

February 2020 Part 5

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Hot-Tubs & Hot-Tub Accessories

Get what you need.

  • Floating Feeder
  • Spa Vac
  • Thermometer
  • Steps
  • Cover Lift

The floating feeder will allow you to control when and how much disinfectant you deliver to your tub.
The spa vac will allow you to remove settled debris from your tub.
Your thermometer confirms your water temperature.
The steps allow for easy tub entrance and exit.
The cover lift provides easy cover removal and replacement.

Can you use your Hot-Tub without these things?
Yes you can.
I wouldn’t.
This is the minimum of optional items.

The cover is the last thing you want to wrestle with after a relaxing soak.
The lift also removes the possibility of accidental cover damage.
You need steps because you don’t want your guests to struggle to get in and out.
You need to know the Hot Tub water temperature. Redundant? Maybe.
Safe? yes.
If your disinfectant gets too high you need to be able to remove the source.

  • We still have over-all operation and water chemistry coming.

Routinely satisfy your hot tub’s needs and you will be rewarded. ♥

This is the fifth part of our month long series on hot tub care.

One thought on “Learn to Love Your Hot-Tub

  1. digitalmechanic40 February 7, 2020 / 6:56 am

    A spa vac is one of the handiest tools out there to remove bugs from pools so you get double duty out of that investment! I never knew how many spiders were around until I got a pool and swimming with dead ones is just gross. Steps are something I dismissed at first as frivolous but an absolute essential for safety when getting in and out of the hot tub. I’d also add that if you are looking at buying a new hot tub, the hotsprings line has a saltwater system option. They are the only ones on the market with this. In my opinion it’s the best accessory / option out there for really great feeling water because you don’t end up overdoing the chlorine levels once you get the level set right for your bathing load. Great post!

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