Learn to Love Your Hot-Tub

February 2020 Part 2

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Under the hood.

The original spa or hot-tub was cobbled together from industrial parts and an old wine vat.
We’ve come a long way.
Too funny.

A Hot Tub, What You see

As a repair tech maybe I see this thing a bit differently than the typical hot tub owner.
At a glance, to operate your hot-tub, you have a control panel and what’s called a spa pak.
What is that spa pak thing anyway?
Generally it’s one or two pumps, a heater assembly, maybe a blower and a control.

I’ll show you what you have.

What I see, appliances

Your light and cartridge filter are like those in the refrigerator.
The blower motor and fan are like what powers your vacuum cleaner.
The pump and motor are similar your washing machine.
Heating elements, pressure/flow switches, and thermostat are like your hot water heater.
The control and board are just like every other one, it’s on or off, whatever it is.
Some of the components mentioned are just the same.
Some are more heavy duty, like the pump and motor.

Your Hot-Tub is an appliance.
With components just as delicate as those that reside in your house.

Routinely satisfy your hot tub’s needs and you will be rewarded. ♥

This is the second part of our month long series on hot tub care.

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