Where did my water go?

Where oh where can my water be?

Unexplained water loss sucks

Failure of pool equipment or swimming pool structure could result in water loss.
It can be a costly and slow process to locate and then repair a water loss problem.

The easy, the hard, and the weird

I troubleshoot swimming pool and spa problems all day everyday.
My pool is losing water is a common service call.
Operator error is just as common as equipment failure.

The easy

The call was from a regular customer.
“I come home and fill my pool up and then go to work and come home and it’s gone down again.

This regular customer was famous for false alarms.
His swimming pool was uphill from his home, about one hundred twenty five feet away.
I entered the backyard and the area around the house was wet.
If a pool leak did this, it’s one big leak.
As I scanned the yard right away there it was.
His 25′ hose was attached to the house and to another 100′ hose.
The 100′ hose was dangling in the water at the swimming pool end.
Where the two hoses meet a rooster tail.
A poor connection between the hoses + the hose dangling in the pool + the down hill slope = siphon pool water down to the house.
The customer had been warned before not to allow his garden hose to hang in the pool.
I tell everyone to stop that, you’re not filling the pool for hours, you can listen to it. Why? Because the sound will remind you to turn it off and prevent this kind of thing.

The hard

The call was, hot tub has a leak.
A portable spa.
How hard could this be?
You have no idea.

I followed all my usual trouble shooting procedures.
All I could do was a visual inspection all the way around.
The hot tub did indeed loose water each night.
I made it my last stop and first stop for days.
I pulled all the side panels.
The owner and I both on hands and knees crawling all around this tub.

He was becoming angry and that was going to be a mutual thing soon.
I was out of the backyard sitting in my truck doing paperwork.
The drive was right beside the gate to the backyard.
I could see him through the fence slats.
DAMN! It’s hose dangle!
I watched him unscrew the hose from the spigot, drop it and leave the other end DANGLING in the spa.
I sat there until the water made it to the driveway then went to the front door.
Could you step out here and look at something?
A lot less bolder than he used to be.

The weird

This one is weird.
Doing service work you should serve customers as the calls come in.
Urgency does matter, so you shift things sometimes.
The “my pool makes a half inch of water every night” didn’t seem too urgent.
I was about a week late for this one.

I arrived Monday morning did a walk around and marked the pool.
Tuesday morning I had an extra half inch of water.
In the background I hear “I told you”.
Wednesday same thing.
Thursday same thing. I took his garden hoses this time.
I also went and found my boss and accused him of being this guys friend and doing this to screw with me.

Five long hard days.
It was Friday and I was pacing around this swimming pool.
Walking laps around it while I studied it and thought about it.
Checked skimmer collars for incoming water.
Checked the liner for ground water.

I lifted my cap to scratch my head as I turned I saw eyeballs.
Blue eyeballs gazing at me through the fence.

I said one word.
He raised his hose and with a mighty arch began to add water to his neighbors pool.

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