Fountain Features

Lighting Design Options

Aquatic water features have changed a great deal in the last couple of decades. It’s kind of gone from light on the water to light in the water.

Hayward Product Description
The ColorLogic Bubbler™ creates a cascading column of water that when matched with Hayward’s Colorlogic Lighting creates the ultimate in backyard ambiance.

Two columns

A beam of light and a column of water that seem to mix in the air.
Because they’re in the same fixture the spacing and angle are sure to be perfect. This is what produces the maximum possible light intensity.

Adding a water feature to your new swimming pool design or to an existing pool will change the entire look. Adding these lights will make that a brilliant idea.

Wading in the Moonlight

Completely safe for little fingers and toes.

A simple shallow design can be a beautiful fountain water feature that seems to be much more grand than it actually is.
Then with the flip of a switch you have a marvelous floating or wading pool.

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