My first solo vacuum job

I could tell by the pager going off my boss was going to lose me at a job soon.
A long time ago.

Home For Sale.

I was dropped off at a vacant two story home.
My supervisor did a quick class on how to set up the pool vacuum.
All you have to do is just vacuum real slow and just overlap a little like when you cut grass.
Then he says I’ll be back.

When vacuuming a pool you have a couple of choices, you may filter that water or pump it to waste, (the sewer line).
The boss chose the waste line.
As a rookie I understood, but I didn’t.
I was comfortable with being left to do the job.
What could go wrong?

house with swimming pool

The bottom had fine dust and you had to move very slowly while making each pass.
The pool was looking good.
It had been about an hour when I saw the worst possible thing I could have seen.
I ran around to the front of the house to look in the windows by the door.
I could see the stairs and there I could see… gallons of water cascading down the each step.
That’s why water is running out both doors and the garage.

All I could do was turn the pump off and wait.
I was pretty sure that when the blame came down it would be new guy did it.
We let him go.

Nope, the company hired a real plumber that found the waste vent line was incorrect. Whew.

That water coming down those stairs was in the pool earlier.
So was the stuff I was vacuuming. Yew

What goes up must come down.

Mister B.

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