Blinking Pool Light

Spooky? Mysterious?

Probably not

Today’s service call was about a poorly performing Polaris Vac Sweep™ and a leaking chlorine feeder.
The feeder was easy it needed new tubing and fittings.
The pool cleaner was almost a complete rebuild.
My customer arrived home as I was wrapping things up.
She did an “Oh yeah, I forgot, the pool light turns itself off and back on.”
She said it would just go off while they were swimming at night, then in a few minutes come back on.
So I turned it on and sat down with her at the patio table and waited. After about twenty minutes it went off.
It came back on in about three minutes.
I told her she was right and it worked just like she said it did, and I thought it was a very cool feature.
No! You need to fix it’s not supposed to do that.

Pool Light Repair
Loose wires cause fires.

Loose connections do funny things.

The junction box for her pool light was behind the diving board.
The problem was obvious as soon as I opened it.
A wire-nut in the bottom of the box and two stripped wires loosely connected.
Electrical wiring causes heat, every connection does.
When loose enough they arc, producing sparks.

These wires were becoming hot and then spreading apart. When they cooled they reconnected.
Remember the wire-nut?
This caused the on and off effect.
This is just one of those things kind of a repair.
The pool was several years old and had been through a lot of weather extremes, I blamed it on years of weather-related expansion and contraction events.
There was no hint of unprofessional work here or anywhere else on this swimming pool.

If you can’t stand the heat , get out of the Hot-Tub.

Mister B.

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