Before You Buy That Hot Tub

Placement matters.
Equipment management matters.

old and new hot tubs

Before and After

The Hot Tub in the top pic is in a showroom.
In one year or five years it will look just like it does now.

I started working on hot-tubs before they had the first circuit boards.
They all had mechanical switches and air buttons.
The same issues that caused most of the problems then continue today.

Placement and maintenance.

Where you want to place your hot tub and where it should be may not be the same. Everything is wrong in the bottom pic.

The sun is not a good idea.
It will ruin your cover way too soon. It is not friendly to the cabinet either.
The only part of your new hot-tub that is suitable for extreme conditions is the shell.
Everything else is subject to the environment.

Chemicals and water chemistry play a part in all this as well.
This piece is more about placement, hot-tub water is another story.

A good foundation.

Water is very heavy. The frame and cabinet are not to hold back the shell and water.
They are to provide suitable support for the shell and water.
Place your hot-tub on an uneven surface and it will flex. It’s heavy.
The equipment is bolted to the frame, the plumbing is attached to both the equipment and shell. Any flex will put stress somewhere it does not belong.

A dry area.

The only water or moisture should be in the shell.
The hot tub should be placed where it is dry and there is room to inspect it all the way around all the time.
Moisture is the enemy, except in the shell.

Away from foliage.

Organic material is bad.
It collects in unseen places causes moisture retention and attracts pests.

Calling for help

Call me to come get on my knees or lay down in that mess in the bottom pic to repair your hot-tub and I’ll treat you like you treat your property.

Prompt repairs and Water chemistry

Hot-tub owners cause most major problems by ignoring little ones.
That is a fact.

Yo, new guy, if you’re worried about getting wet you’re in the wrong business.

Mister B.

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