Crystal Clear Mess

Pool ladder rail
Looks good enough to swim in

This was an old Paddock Pool.
Heavy duty everything. At that time the pool had survived over thirty years of family fun. It was a very large lot and in it’s day a very desirable property.

The service call was to find and repair a leak.
I met the lady in the backyard, she had the hose running to add water.
She explained her husband had died the year before and this was her first sign of trouble.
The water was crystal clear. At this point I had only glanced at the pool from a distance.

I expected a leaking spoke gasket or skimmer collar.
I decided to check the pump and waste line for water loss.
As I walked by the pool I realized that the ladder was missing below water level. Diverted to poolside now.
Holy smoke!
It was a large pool and it took a few seconds to scan all the way across and absorb what I was seeing.

There were leaves in the pool.
They were bleached out as white as the pool finish.
The light was gone from the niche.
The niche was gone too.
At the bottom of the pool near the leaves was the light lens and few pieces of bulb.
That’s all that was left of the light fixture.
The ladder, as mentioned, was MIA below the water line.

I went to the little pump house next.
An old open face pump eaten away below the lid.
Four buckets of Tri-Chlor tabs and a couple of gallons of acid.

I hate bad news.
It went as bad as I had expected.
She did everything her departed husband had told her to do.
The pool was perfect all the summer before she said.
The grand kids love it so.
Surely You’re wrong, perhaps incompetent.
Yes Ma’am… could you come look at a couple of things?

First the ladder.
But I did what he said.
Yes Ma’am.
Next the pump.
Oh my! I’ll need a new one.

I then asked how long the fresh water had been running into the pool.
All day and night for a week.
We need to turn that off.

She commented on repairs.
It was then I had to tell her that her pool had galvanized steel plumbing and it too was surely ruined.
Just to repair the light niche would require removing a lot of concrete and pool wall. All of the plumbing and equipment would need to be replaced.

What about my grand babies?
You have very large lot.
Build a new pool over there and use that dirt to fill this one in.
Faster and cheaper.

Up yer pH.

Mister B.

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