The Neighbor – A Fishy Guy

Green Algae swimming pool.
Green Algae swimming pool.

A reel knee slapper.

Most of my new clients came from the internet.
They were new pool owners by way of purchasing a home with a swimming pool. They were the new neighbors, the old neighbors were still there. You learn a lot being a pool man.
Backyards that have a mutual gate on the fence line with the next door neighbor, sometimes that means, I miss my friend.
Depends on the look of that gate. You can tell if it’s been used in recent history and how much.

These were large homes with large lots.
My new customer had what I call DCA “don’t care attitude”. My job was to drain and muck out the swamp he made. His habit was to turn the pump off in the fall and go in the house. No pool closing beyond that.
This was the second year of what was looking like a regular thing.

The next door neighbor had a swimming pool too.
I couldn’t see it, it was higher up the hill. He could see us very well.
I noticed how well maintained his property was the year before.
I also noticed how close he watched us.
I waved and he returned the wave.

This year he was pacing around the fence line.
Traded waves again. OK.
We went to work, a three inch trash pump and two sump pumps.
It was loud and and nasty.

I had two guys helping me, one brand new the other had worked the year before. The pool had drained down to a couple of feet left in the diving well.
The guys were dragging trash up the slope and hoisting that out with buckets. They had pulled up most of the big stuff. The pumps weren’t getting much suction because of the debris that had been stirred up.

They waded into the water and were reaching in to clear the pump suctions, just regular business. Then there was a splash, the sound echoed out of that pool. Immediately both of my guys were scrambling to get out. I saw it out of the corner of my eye, most of what I saw was these guys trying to scoot up the break.

Well now we got a real live mystery. Shut the pumps down. Go get the nets off the truck. Hell I don’t know what it is. My best guess is a grand daddy bullfrog. So now we’re standing poolside slowly pulling those nets across the bottom of the pool. After a few minutes there it was.

We all just stood there trying to understand what we had just seen. It had just jumped out of the water again and we saw it this time. All standing silently gazing into the pool and then at each other. Then I thought of the neighbor. I turned and there he was, literally slapping his knee. Pointing, laughing and now saying he wanted it back.

What does he want you may be wondering.
A large mouth bass that measured about fourteen inches long.
He said he had been waiting weeks and had avoided leaving home so he wouldn’t miss the show.

When I took his fish over in a bucket he didn’t hide his happiness.
He didn’t hold back on how disgusting he found his new neighbor either
His pool was perfect but I had already figured that out.

The neighbor did this for a couple of reasons.
The first was to have some fun.
The other was that pool could have been a mosquito factory.
He had tossed several minnows in as well.
Those were gone.

Good fences make good neighbors.

Mister B.

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