I need to find a pool care professional

swimming pool truck

That’s scary

By my third week in the swimming pool business I was a pool man.
I was issued a brand new GMC pick-up truck, complete with every tool for swimming pool testing and cleaning.
A brand new company shirt and fifteen long hard days of training.
I was ethical, I asked a lot of questions before screwing up.
When I did screw up I made sure the company owned it and not the customer.
We had company radios so everyone had to chime in.
It really was perfect, always a prompt answer from someone.
This was a large pool company.
Construction, service and retail.
Over thirty trucks rolling everyday.
There were many of us new guys.
The radio was the information super highway.
They all gleaned little tidbits that improved their understanding of pools as well as company policy.

Faking with authority

After more than thirty years I’m still a poolman.
I’m retired but still interested.
I never allowed anyone to call me an expert, I have thirty years of experience.
Frequently I still encounter things I haven’t seen before.
Experience is the difference.

There are two kinds of “faking with authority”.
One is based on experience the other on need.
Pool care professionals do exactly that.

All to often after few weeks of training someone buys a truck and a thousand dollars worth of pool tools and chemicals , *poof* a pool business.
Now you’re going to help them learn what they don’t know.
It will cost you more than it costs them.
Price shopping for pool service could be a very expensive mistake.

The best answer

I was a US Naval Aviation maintenance technician in a past life.
That is where I learned how to trouble shoot problems and be responsible for my actions.
I don’t know is a great answer if you don’t know.
It’s what you do next that matters. You find out the answer or you don’t.
That does not contradict the “faking with authority”, it exemplifies it.
All that faking is to instill confidence in the customer.
The rookie persuades that they are the answer, the veteran says I will return with an answer.

What are you really asking for?

Based on my experience.
More than ten years working for established swimming pool construction and swimming pool repair service companies and another twenty years working for myself.
The possibilities are endless, I know, I’ve taken the calls.

How may I help you today?

  • pool cleaner
  • chemist
  • tech rep
  • mechanical repair
  • plumbing repair
  • electrical repair
  • masonry repair
  • carpentry
  • designer
  • therapist

Troubleshooting all of the above, then making the correct choices for repair takes experience.
Each of the things listed has it’s own sub-set of options.
Serious expertise in five or more professional disciplines is what your experienced swimming pool service technician brings you.

Did you know?
Most pool owners let their pool service tech make all the maintenance buying decisions.

In the coming weeks I’ll share my thoughts about specific maintenance tasks as well as many other topics.

That service truck in the pic above is just our imagination.
A comprehensive swimming pool and spa technical specification reference library is too.

Ply the children with candy and sweets.
A Milk-Bone dog biscuit could come in handy too.

Mister B.

SplashBits Blog™
Happy New Year 2020!

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