Silent Alarm!

Five-O in route.

It was late fall. My customer was tired of the leak.
His liner pool had more than a couple of holes.
Those holes were caused by an aging liner combined with his aging pool sweep.

Because the water was colder than I could deal with I asked to change into my wet-suit in his storage room.
He was on his way out of town and told me he would turn off the alarm connection to the storage room.
He was pulling out as I arrived.

I set my tank and other gear by the pool and went to the storage to change.
The rest of the story you should consider there are two points of view.
My clearly marked truck was in the driveway.
Unknown to me the alarm was set to silent and never turned off.

I had my wet-suit, hood, weight belt on and my mask on top of my head, fins in hand.
I opened the door and froze.
Three cops striking a Charlies Angels pose pointing guns at me.
It seemed like forever while they took turns looking at me and then at each other.

Oh now it’s funny.
We did have a good laugh.
I like the cops, we need them.

One of them was a pool owner and stayed with me.
I cut and glued fifty patches that day and he had another question every time I came up to cut a few more patches.
Before I finished I had him cutting patches for me.

I always used top quality hose.

Mister B.

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