Swimming Pool Water Loss

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A short run down on pool water loss.
My experience is everything from basic drop in swimming pools to high end custom built in-ground swimming pools.
I’ve served sports stars and entertainers you would know.
I’ve helped little old lady’s who just wanted the grand babies to swim.
I make no claim for myself other than a great deal of experience.

Water Loss

Water loss from Your pool can only be from two basic points,
they are plumbing / water system, or structure.

Plumbing water system

Your swimming pool is a reservoir for water, the filter system moves that water. These are the basic components.
1. skimmers and suction ports below the surface.
2. suction lines back to the pool.
  Suction lines if leaking may not work at all or show air and or mud in the pump.

3. the pump that is drawing water from the pool.
   The pump is both suction and pressure…  the lint trap and all in front of it is suction. Just behind the lid and the discharge port it becomes pressure.

4. the valve and filter that the water is pushed through.
5. then perhaps a heating system.
6. a chemical feeder.
7. return lines back to the pool.
  At the multi port valve you have a line on the upper part of the filter and one on the lower. One to the pump, one to waste and going back to the pool or next piece of pool equipment. First see that water is not going down the waste line, find the end of it and look, if you can’t find it, cut the pipe to see if it leaks. If it does that is good news repair the valve and your leak may stop.
  The return lines to the pool could be the source of a leak, there are more than a few ways to check them the short quick way is a simple pressure test. In order to check the pool before the pressure test, if the system is not too far away I have pluged the return lines and then run a temporary line in rigid pvc from the system over the deck to the pool. If the water stays at the correct level, you may now know the problem, but where the leak is may be another story.

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